Figment Familiar - Chaos Hyena


Figment Familiar - Chaos Hyena


These tiny companions are the perfect way to make sure you always have a friend close by! Figments become very attached to their owners and like to stay near you. Because they are constructed with no resin parts or armature they can be carried in a bag or pocket just as easily as they can stay on your desk, bedside table, or personal altar. I recommend that traveling Figments be given their own small pouch to protect them from rubbing or staining.

This Figment Familiar is in the shape of a hyena in hot pink and black. It is approximately 4 inches tall. The symbol on the back is the chaos magic sigil.

Figments come in many varieties, and each one can have a unique Heart embedded inside its felted wool body. This Heart is optional, but gives each Figment its own individual energy and personality. When you purchase a Figment, you choose the type of Heart you would like set inside it! You can even choose to send your own item to be used as the Heart. A Figment’s Heart is fully embedded in the wool from the base, and is not visible from the exterior. A Figment’s Heart is fully embedded in the wool from the base, and is not visible from the exterior. Adding a Heart is optional, and you're welcome to choose "None" if nothing speaks to you.

In place of a symbolic Heart, I can also add a small rare earth magnet into the base of your Figment. This can be used to keep them secure on a metal shelf or desk, or to sit your Figment on your shoulder by placing a metal plate or corresponding magnet under the shoulder of a shirt or jacket! Magnets are especially useful for birds and bats, who have narrower bases or might like to hang upside-down.

Figment orders take 2-3 business days to ship to allow for the placement of your chosen Heart.

Figment Familiars are entirely hand-made by me using needle felting, a technique that packs dyed and natural wool fibers tightly together using barbed needles. They are made from 100% wool, but are much more solid and firm than a plush toy.

Shipping will use USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. Please read all shop policies before ordering.

My Arm Can Fly dolls are hand crafted, one of a kind art pieces meant for display. They are not intended as toys for children.

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Figment Familiar Heart Options:

Acorn - Strength, growth, potential
Amber - Healing, protective, eases fear
Amethyst -Calm, psychic ability
Aventurine - Healing, balance, communication
Calcite - Cleansing, healing, intuition
Carnelian - Energy, confidence, overcoming fear
Clear Quartz - Amplifies other energies
Emerald (raw) - Prosperity, hope, healing
Fluorite - Clarity of thought, originality
Fossil Shark Teeth - Ancient knowledge, protection
Garnet - Love, loyalty, commitment
Hag Stone/Holey Stone - True sight
Kyanite (Orange) - Self-esteem, imagination, communication
Labradorite - Personal reflection, adapting to change
Lapis Lazuli - Communication, intuition, inner power
Lucky D20 - 20 side up!
Meteorite - Ascension, evolution, awakening
Moonstone - Balance, dreams, restful sleep
Moss Agate - Nurturing energy, connection with nature
Opal - Intuition, personal power, fearlessness
Pyrite - Prosperity, deflected negative energy
Rose Thorn - Beauty, protection, growth
Snail Shell - Oceanic energies, flow
Snowflake Obsidian - Balance, support
Tiger’s Eye - Luck, vitality
Yellow Jasper - Protection, confidence, travel
Personal Item - Select this option to mail me a small object of your own for use as the Heart. Please read the information below carefully before selecting this option.

If you would like to send a personal item to be used as the Heart in your Figment, please contact me through Etsy or via email ( myarmcanfly @ gmail . com ) for mailing instructions after you have purchased the listing in which you would like the item used. Please include your order number in the message, and choose “Personal Item” under the drop-down menu for the Heart.

Personal items must be no more than half an inch long in the largest dimension, and smaller items are better. Please be aware that the Heart is not visible in any way once it has been placed inside your Figment; Hearts are fully embedded in the wool, and cannot be seen. Sometimes you can feel the edges of the Heart through the wool at the base, but smaller items are harder to feel. A Heart is placed inside to lend energy and essence to the piece; it is not a decorative element and will not be visible.

Figments with personal items for their Hearts will be shipped within 2-3 business days from the time the personal item is received. I cannot ship your order until the item has arrived, so please do not choose this option if you are in a hurry!